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Grow Hemp!

We believe Hemp is not only going to revolutionize Agriculture, but become a source of countless products, fuels, and medicines.

Texas Approved Genetics

We have a great selection of seedlings and clones ready to sell TODAY!

Support Veteran Farmers

Much of our team has served their country and found solace in the cultivation of hemp.

40+ Years of Industry Experience

We know a thing or two about the business and hope to share our expertise with a new generation of farmers.

Texas Approved Genetics

We have these TDA approved genetics for immediate sale, in Texas, but can ship throughout the United States.

Cultivation Consultation

We are able to provide guidance on everything you need to have a successful grow.

Organic Nursery

Vegetable transplant nursery specializing in all types of seeds and cuttings. Specialized machinery and growing practices, automated irrigation system, along with an algae propagation area. Indoor/ Outdoor growing areas.

Agronomy Center

Coming soon.

3rd Party Testing

A product is only as good as the it’s lab results. We work with a 3rd party to make sure your product is accurately tested and analyzed. 


We initially clean and separate biomass before utilizing industry leading safe, high quality, food grade supercritical CO2 extraction. All of our services are backed by expert service and customer satisfaction.

Post Processing

We have the technology, network, and knowhow to extract the highest quality products from your crop, and can assist you in tapping essential markets.

White Labelling

With access to high quality Texas-grown hemp, we have the capacity to produce white label products ready for your brand – all produced in a world-class facility supporting the Texas economy.

Sustainable Products

Our team is committed to the health of both the Earth and the economy. Our practices in highly aligned with the interests of both the farmer and the planet. It’s our belief that the Texas hemp industry can help brighten the future for the long-run, not just short-term gain.

Creating Opportunities

We are creating opportunities in areas of Texas forgotten by the modern economy, employing a diverse group of Texans, veterans, and others. The economy of agriculture has long been ripe for a revolution and we believe our science and focus is just the formula needed!

Join Our Team!

We are in need of help across a number of positions both technical and entry-level. Contact us today to see how you might join our team!


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