Cultivation Consulting

A few of our services:

– Cultivation Suitability
– Seed / Clone Selection
– Cultivation Plan
– Cultivation Equipment
– Testing
– Harvest
– Drying / Curing
– Transportation

We will be able to consult on these services:

– Buyers
– Bad Actors / Misinformed “Experts”
– Contracts
– Risks
– Security Operations
– Regulations

We are able to provide guidance on everything you need to have a successful grow.

THV’s founders have over 40 years combined cultivation experience with the Cannabis plant. We have cultivated in 8 states and 3 different countries, over the last couple decades.  No one in Texas has a more holistic perspective.

THV has been working with the Texas Hemp Co-Op over the last year to educate farmers all around the state. We understand the challenges of each region and will be able to help you with anything from a backyard grow, to something on an industrial scale.

No acreage too big or too small.

Get the expert knowledge your operation deserves.